Proces Concerning Adjustments NetDimensions Test Environment

We distinguish four types of adjustments whereby the test environment is not accessible for some time (10 to 15 minutes*). This concerns the following four types:

     1. Fix:

     A fix will be installed to resolve an error or modify a function within the test environment.

     2. Upgrade:

     An upgrade will be performed when the test environment should be brought from e.g. version 9.3 to version 10.3.

     3. Database adjustment*:

    An adjustment in database will be carried out to correct e.g. bad data. 

     4. Environment restart in case of site performance issues:

     A restart of the test environment will be performed to execute changes on server level or to improve the performance of the
     concerning environment.

*In case of an upgrade, the site will not be available for a longer period in time. The downtime can range from 1 hour to 1 working day depending on the size of the database and the underlying files. The upgrade will be scheduled in accordance with the customer.

**In case of a database adjustment, the site typically has no downtime. A backup will be made and the script to correct the data will be executed.

Step-by-step Approach

The above adjustments all know a step-by-step approach that follows the method described below*:

Step 1: In the request we will indicate which type of adjustment (fix/upgrade/database adjustment/restart) we will perform on the test system. The agent (employee of The Courseware Company) will ask approval via the ticket to perform the relevant adjustment(s). 

Step 2: At the agreed time, the action will be executed. Typically the adjustments are scheduled in time-slot between 16:00 and 18:00 on each working day unless agreed otherwise (e.g. if the size of the database or the expected length of the action will call for this).

Step 3: The agent will perform the adjustments.

Step 4: When the adjustment(s) are completed, the agent will test whether the adjustment has resolved the issue. A confirmation will be asked from the customer. In case of a confirmation the same adjustment will be performed on the production environment. Please click here for the concerning process for adjustments on the production environment.  

*Before any of these steps are executed, we will make the appropriate backups.

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