Articulate Quizmaker '13: Release Notes

Update 7 (1509.1618) Was Released September 22, 2015

  • Added support for Apple iOS 9
  • Fixed issue where you could be prompted to activate Quizmaker '13 repeatedly
  • Fixed "Unable to connect to server" error when viewing Tin Can API HTML5 output at

Update 6 (1507.2416) Was Released July 24, 2015

  • Added HTML5 support for Google Chrome 44 and later

Update 5 (1412.920) Was Released December 11, 2014

  • Added support for the Articulate Mobile Player app on Android devices
  • Added support for iOS 8
  • Added support for Adobe Flash Player 16 and later
  • Fixed issue where buttons would require more than one tap to work in iOS 8
  • Fixed issue where videos set to open in a new window wouldn't launch in iOS 8
  • Fixed issue where a video would disappear when revisiting a slide in iOS 8
  • Fixed issue where "Unable to connect to server" error would occur when viewing HTML5 Tin Can API content from SCORM Cloud on iOS devices even when there was an active Internet connection

Update 4 (1409.422) Was Released September 11, 2014

  • Fixed issue where the activation prompt would appear even after activating Quizmaker

Update 3 (1407.1717) Was Released July 21, 2014

  • Added support for 64-bit Microsoft Office
  • Added support for uncompressed MP4 videos (baseline, main, and high profiles) in published output
  • Added support for restricted and locked navigation in HTML5 output
  • Improved right-to-left support by reversing the previous and next player buttons
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker wouldn't launch when the user was unable to create a desktop.ini file
  • Fixed issue where blank slides would be missing when retrying a quiz
  • Fixed issue where Retry Quiz wouldn't work when blank slides in the first question group were hidden in quiz review
  • Fixed issue where question/answer details would show in printed results when quiz review was disabled
  • Fixed issue where a free-form question would have Prev/Next buttons rather a Submit button when previewed/published
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker would crash when using the same feedback audio on multiple slides
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions

Update 2 (1402.2817) Was Released March 4, 2014

  • Added support for Section 508 accessibility
  • Added support for translation via Microsoft Word and XLIFF
  • Added support for quiz title to display in printed results
  • Added support for word-wrapping long slide titles in the question list in HTML5 output
  • Redesigned the HTML5 launch page for mobile Safari
  • Fixed issue where "Launch player in new window" wouldn't work in an LMS
  • Fixed issue where publishing a quiz to Word would hang or lock up
  • Fixed issue where publishing a quiz to Word would result in an incomplete document
  • Fixed issue where theme fonts wouldn't be applied to the result slide
  • Fixed issue where quiz placeholder slide wouldn't be updated if you upgraded the quiz to Articulate Quizmaker '13 before upgrading the presentation to Articulate Presenter '13
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker '09 quizzes wouldn't always upgrade successfully to Quizmaker '13
  • Fixed issue where part of the slide title would be missing from the Question List after renaming the slide in the player
  • Fixed issue where the question list would show hidden slides in HTML5 output
  • Fixed issue where Ranking Drop-Down responses could be edited during quiz review in HTML5 output
  • Fixed issue where anchored answer choices wouldn't work in HTML5 output
  • Fixed issue where an object wouldn't animate out (exit the slide) in HTML5 content
  • Fixed issue where an exit animation would sometimes behave like an entrance animation in HTML5
  • Fixed issue where an object with a perspective shadow would be shrunk or out of proportion in HTML5
  • Fixed issue where the Scrollbar color group was missing from the player colors
  • Fixed issue where the Finish Button text label couldn't be customized
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions

Update 1 (1311.520) Was Released November 5, 2013

  • Fixed issue where content wouldn't play in Internet Explorer 11 when viewed locally
  • Fixed issue where Tin Can API content would add extra slashes to reporting data, which could cause problems for some LMSs
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