Totara LMS 2.9.4 (22nd February 2016)

Security issues:

  • TL-8235 Included session key check in Face-to-face when adding and removing attendees
  • TL-8392 Fixed handling of non-numeric answers to numeric feedback activity questions

New features:

  • TL-8115 Added a new URL custom field type


  • TL-7542 Added a new report source for language customisations
  • TL-7970 Added the program and certification completion editor

Enabled with Site administration -> Advanced features -> Enable program
completion editor. Only users with the 'totara/program:editcompletion'
capability (site admins only, by default) will be able to access the new
tab 'Completion' when editing a program or certification. For more
information, see the community post:

  • TL-8276 Removed unused CFG settings from Totara messaging code
  • TL-8290 Increased maximum value of sortorder field in the Feedback360 questions table.
  • TL-8294 Improved layout of the learning plan page at small screen widths
  • TL-8365 Added a link to the course completion report from the user profile page
  • TL-8371 Changed program course sets to display courses in the order they were added

Bug fixes:

  • TL-6593 Fixed course completion status not updating when changing completion criteria
  • TL-8075 Fixed error in HR Import when setting the CSV delimiter to Tab
  • TL-8078 Completion progress details page was reworded to more accurately indicate the status
  • TL-8226 Fixed an issue with the course completion scheduled task
  • TL-8240 Fixed capability checks when assessing a user's access to resources using audience visibility
  • TL-8253 Fixed a bug which occured in some situations when deleting audiences without members
  • TL-8319 Fixed the display of the "Add audiences" button when setting access rules for dashboards
  • TL-8322 Fixed problem when upgrading to patch T-12199
  • TL-8361 Fixed incorrect hardcoded max table name length in the XMLDB editor
  • TL-8391 Fixed reportbuilder sorting and pagination when Restrict initial display is enabled
  • TL-8397 Fixed scheduled task not completing for recurring courses


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