Lectora Desktop: Release Notes Lectora 16

The primary new features in Lectora 16 are:

  • Responsive Course Design (RCD)
  • Additional Status Action Condition Relationships
  • Inline Variable Replacement
  • Export/import compatibility with Lectora Online 3
  • Camtasia 8.6
  • Snagit 12.4.1

Issues fixed in this release:


LD-0040 Zooming to a value higher than a 100% causes question's text block to be positioned incorrectly
LD-0213 Wipe Left/right transition on an object that covers a button, when hidden, the button cannot be clicked
LD-0318 Undo after resizing a video leaves the controller looking distorted
LD-0361 Protect Content option disables text entry fields
LD-0585 Manifest does not include folder in path for folders added to course
LD-0640 Can't change fonts/font size/font color in eLB interaction builder
LD-0652 Lectora hangs after setting style effects on an image
LD-0754 ELB customized themes within Lectora
LD-0778 Transitions cause media players to not load on page.
LD-0825 Preview mode will sometimes not display title or lock up on a page
LD-0829 Adding two items from ELB Cutout People - Photorealistic causes crash
LD-0843 "Add to Dictionary" produces error
LD-0931 Line Spacing for 'At least' is preview / publishing in css without a pt or px - causing too big spacing.
LD-0989 Dynamic text file not included in zip file
LD-1040 Crash when deleting a title level object in thumbnail view in large title
LD-1082 SCORM exit function does not successfully complete from the OnBeforeUnload
LD-1086 Pinch and Zoom not working for a mobile title.
LD-1125 Files with no name (just a dot and the extension (.html)) showing up in manifest file
LD-1142 Can't export a title to a zip file if an ELB interaction is in title
LD-1392 Audio speaker icon moves to the top left when viewed in IE8 or IE9
LD-1403 Right-Click menu for objects not showing in 75% view
LD-1450 French version places accents in check box variable names
LD-1590 Snap to Grid/Guide does not work when resizing an object
LD-1637 Hidden item on page or at title level using visibility option still selectable
LD-1654 Portuguese Translation Changes
LD-2088 Object can never be seen again after a slide out transition
LD-2257 Page Transition 'Random' does not transition in the page at all


LD-0074 Text displays extra space where HTML code line ends
LD-0229 Buttons display with black border around them when viewed in IE8
LD-0246 Vertical Scroll Text Block with Transition-In will not scroll in IE
LD-0265 Cannot mix bullet points and numbered lists
LD-0271 Text block with border and bullets- background extends beyond border
LD-0273 RSS feed Size issues
LD-0284 Twitter Feed Widget does not show in Run, Preview or Publish
LD-0291 Lectora 11 button issues when converted to Lectora 12 format
LD-0300 Text align options not working properly on Menu style
LD-0303 Text does not display true to color in Lectora when placed over object
LD-0310 Text buttons with left/right aligned text flipped horizontally, text goes outside of button border
LD-0316 Videos with transitions can't have actions with delays on them
LD-0325 Numbered lists nested in bulleted list does not start at 1 (or correct list start)
LD-0355 Updating status indicators images using Browse My Media returns an error
LD-0357 Web Window of type "Page in Title" loses target
LD-0523 Audio with custom image does not display correctly in IE8
LD-0593 Reference List does not update in Edit mode
LD-0756 Adding Certificate causes crash
LD-0830 Text with bullets that are not initially visible will not display bullets in IE8
LD-0916 Audio that doesn't use a controller will not play when published to HTML - all browsers
LD-0918 Wrap Text does not wrap properly when the size of the object that the text is wrapping changes
LD-0925 Forms do not allow for option to include all variables in submission
LD-1043 Images with transitions aren't honoring opacity setting
LD-1047 Custom Shadows cause object not to load
LD-1109 Table of Contents-based Menu showing wrong preview
LD-1110 PNGs not showing as Status Indicators when used in Table of Contents
LD-1296 Initially Hidden audio that uses controller can not be made visible
LD-1371 Images inside a text block will only transition once
LD-1373 Text blocks with change contents don't publish with heading tags (H1, H2)
LD-1386 Crop tool causes naming issue in SCORM manifest
LD-1411 Audio file using 'Black' controller and playing via OnShow>Play action not appearing
LD-1447 Copied plain text sentences with apostrophes show as spelling errors
LD-1449 Progress bars causing JS errors in Portuguese and French version
LD-1459 Title level Progress bar changes to blue on page change
LD-1603 Resize text block with shadow removes shadow
LD-1626 Triangle, Trapezoid, or Parallelogram shape grows when flipped.
LD-1644 Alt tags are not being added at all to images if "Empty Alt Tags" is checked.
LD-1688 Entry Fields do not appear with Fade or Float transitions
LD-1712 Table of Contents is missing Frame title and failing accessibility tests
LD-1720 Hidden Videos Still Play Audio
LD-1768 Table of Contents Tree View without Icons causes 404 errors when published
LD-1821 Bullets in tables are getting double bullet
LD-1833 Progress Bars set to scope other than title do not work in a group
LD-1924 Changes to web window URL are not retained
LD-2023 Accessibility tests flag ALT Tags as missing from images, even though ALT/ARIA Tags exist
LD-2046 IMG tags missing ALT Text in Buttons
LD-2052 Unable to edit text in a Page Layout
LD-2057 Editing Menu Creator not retaining text changes
LD-2087 Frameless Table of Contents now respect background color. In previous versions of Lectora a Table of Contents with "Frameless" selected would default to a transparent background, even when a color was selected. In Lectora 16 this has been corrected. However this means that titles containing a Table of Contents set to frameless will now have a background color appear (typically defaulted to white) whereas previously the color was ignored. Titles should be checked to ensure all frameless Table of Contents have the desired background appearance.


LD-0699 Publish to Exe creates broken shortcut
LD-0745 OnShow > Play actions on an object to play an audio file does not consistently work in Offline Publish
LD-1746 SCORM dependency values do not match
LD-1787 OnShow actions on Video/Audio objects trigger twice when published
LD-1904 Crop tool renames image but doesn't match in manifest


LD-0302 Text rendered as an image that contains action does not change mouse cursor when hovered over
LD-0857 Hide action on a Web Window doesn't work on iPad
LD-1052 Audio Objects in a group will cause Mute action to not work
LD-1208 Actions do not work on graphics/status indicators with effects
LD-1399 Mute/Unmute action does not work if action is added before media.
LD-1711 On Done Action does not fire with .WAV files
LD-2040 Toggle Play Pause on a WAV file stops and restarts the audio


LD-0537 Alt tag showing in form elements
LD-0199 Use of actual double quotes or single quotes causes incorrect test scores
LD-0270 V12 Question Error for Korean language
LD-0319 Is Correct actions do not function correctly for some foreign languages
LD-0332 Chinese Test Questions add additional Characters
LD-0892 Default text styles have no effect on drag and drop questions
LD-0951 Image actions don't work on pages with Matching questions
LD-0953 Grade Each Choice does not allow Question variable to be used in conditions properly
LD-1265 Adding Test / Survey with view other than 100% will not correctly place buttons
LD-1302 Adding questions on a view other than 100% will scale the questions
LD-1426 Tabbing through question editor (for TF and MC) causes the question to be saved without a correct answer.
LD-1543 User Cannot Resize Hot Spot Areas
LD-1580 Matching questions preventing go to actions from triggering
LD-1599 Customized test results window crash when resized
LD-1635 Likert question interactions causing mismatch error
LD-1713 Custom test results Crash
LD-1824 Questions with entry fields cause error if feedback actions are set to none.
LD-1873 Drag and Drop questions with images do not work on an android phone



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