Totara release notes 2.9.5 (23rd March 2016)


  • TL-6790 Changed the default behaviour of certification reassignment

Security issues:

  • TL-8641 The following security fixes were included with the merge of Moodle 2.9.5:
  • MDL-51167 Hidden courses are shown to students in Event Monitor
  • MDL-52378 Non-Editing Instructor role can edit exclude checkbox in SingleView
  • MDL-52651 Add no referrer to links with _blank target attribute
  • MDL-52727 Reflected XSS in mod_data advanced search
  • MDL-52774 Enumeration of category details possible without authentication
  • MDL-52808 External function get_calendar_events return events thatpertains to hidden activities
  • MDL-52901 External function mod_assign_save_submission does not check due dates
  • MDL-53031 CSRF in Assignment plugin management page


  • TL-6296 Added an aria-label to select user checkbox when viewing course participants
  • TL-6723 Added automatic test coverage of the security overview report
  • TL-7864 Added haschildren class to top level totara menu items when applicable
  • TL-8295 Improved perfomance when getting items assigned to plans
  • TL-8422 Improved output of the standard logstore cleanup task
  • TL-8478 Added pagination to the Global Report Restriction administration page
  • TL-8484 Linked Report Builder Financial year setting labels to their inputs
  • TL-8532 Added an accessible label when adding a comment to a learning plan

Bug fixes:

  • TL-8205 Removed unassigned users that incorrectly show up in certification completion reports
  • TL-8274 Fixed calendar navigation on non-default home page
  • TL-8277 Fixed incorrect highlighting of menu items
  • TL-8280 Fixed manual changes to course completion competency proficiency being overridden
  • TL-8339 Fixed saving of due dates when creating and editing objectives in learning plans
  • TL-8345 Ensured sum aggregation uses display function if available
  • TL-8363 Ensured courses assigned to plans are removed when a course is deleted
  • TL-8364 Removed extra line breaks in Face-to-face messages
  • TL-8381 Ensured Hierarchy custom field data is deleted when a Hierarchy item is deleted
  • TL-8407 Improved layout of the graph tooltip in Internet Explorer using a rtl langauge
  • TL-8409 Prevented saving scheduled reports without a recipient
  • TL-8412 Fixed 'menuofchoice' custom field for sidebar filter in report builder
  • TL-8419 Fixed issue that prevented blocks from being edited with Totara Dashboard enabled as default home
  • TL-8427 Fixed position selecting which was incorrectly disabled when disabling position hierarchies
  • TL-8441 Increased maxlength of objective scales value name to 255 characters
  • TL-8444 Fixed Program and Certification Membership reports for MSSQL
  • TL-8457 Fixed a spelling mistake in the program extension request error message
  • TL-8477 Fixed Date (No timezone) user profile field in Report Builder
  • TL-8479 Fixed the MSSQL NVARCHAR migration upgrade step
  • TL-8482 Removed empty labels when adding/editing External tools
  • TL-8496 Fixed count of overdue users on Appraisals report page
  • TL-8506 Fixed AJAX deletion of an assigned audience when creating a dashboard
  • TL-8508 Fixed untranslatable string "Face-to-face name" in Face-to-face sessions report source
  • TL-8521 Improved course participants template for template library
  • TL-8538 Fixed dates in ODS exports to use current user timezone to match all other export options
  • TL-8583 Session end time is now adjusted in IE11 when start time is adjusted


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