Priorities in our helpdesk

Whenever you submit a request to our helpdesk concerning either a question, incident or problem, it is possible to indicate the priority of this request according to you.
We then proceed to assess this priority and change it if possible on the basis of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and our standard operating procedure.
In addition, we will per pursue the following guidelines:


Your issue will be scaled to low priority if your question is about general functionality, e.g. how to create a report or set up a variable. This means that we will provide an initial response within two business days and will then answer the question after internal consultation.


This priority includes all issues concerning an incident/problem for which a workaround solution is possible or matters which - in our judgment - have little impact on the possibility to use the product.

Questions like these will be handled withing one day.


Issues that have a significant negative impact on the product will be scaled to hight priority. These are issues that make it impossible for a group of users to work with the product or incidents/problem of repetitive nature.


When working with the product is entirely impossible for users, we scale your issue to urgent priority. This is for example when an entire wiki, learning, or development system is unavailable.

You will receive an initial response within four hours and offer a solution within a day.

Please note:

Priorities High and Urgent will primarily be granted to clients who have specific SLA agreements with The Courseware Company.

For a number of products we are dependent on the supplier's input in order to come to a solution for your issue. We will always try to give your issue the appropriate or requested priority with the supplier.

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