Totara 9.5 (22 maart 2017)

Security issues:

  • TL-2986 Added checks for the moodle/cohort:view capability to the audience filter in user, course, and program report sources
  • TL-12452 Added validation to the background colour setting for TeX notation
  • TL-12733 Email self-registration now validates recaptcha first and hides error messages relating to username and email if they exist
  • TL-12907 Fixed user preference handling to prevent malicious serialised object attacks


  • TL-11292 Added accessible text to the "Number of Attendees (linked to attendee page)" column when viewing Seminar events embedded report
  • TL-11311 Added labels to the default messages page to improve accessibility
  • TL-11320 Added accessible text when exporting a hierarchy
  • TL-12366 Improved the usability of the program assignments interface
  • TL-12396 Upgraded jQuery to 2.2.4 and jQuery Migrate to 1.2.1
  • TL-12398 Created a new plaintext display class to ensure correct formatting in Report Builder exports
  • TL-12402 Added a CLI script to automatically fix scheduled reports without recipients
  • TL-12637 Introduced a new capability allowing users to view private custom field data within user reports
  • TL-12662 Ensured users with program management capabilities can always access management interface
  • TL-12665 Added a page title when completing a learning plan
  • TL-12689 Removed 'View' button for appraisal stages without any visible pages
  • TL-12745 Added unit tests to report builder date filter.

Bug fixes:

  • TL-11255 Fixed incorrect indication that manager must complete an appraisal after completion
  • TL-12451 Fixed the display of graphs within Report Builder when using the sidebar filter
  • TL-12454 Corrected handling when organisation parentid equals 0
  • TL-12615 Stopped managers receiving Program emails for their suspended staff members
  • TL-12621 Fixed navigation for multilevel SCORM packages
  • TL-12643 Fixed guest access throwing error when using the enhanced catalog
  • TL-12645 Fixed cache warnings on Windows systems occurring due to fopen and rename system command
  • TL-12669 Ensured Evidence Custom Fields unique and locked setting worked correctly
  • TL-12681 Replaced duplicate 'Draft' Plan Status filter option with 'Pending Approval' in learning plan report source.
  • TL-12696 Ensured that read only evidence displays the "Edit details" button only when the user has the correct edit capability
  • TL-12721 Fixed misspelt URL when adding visible learning to an audience
  • TL-12734 Fixed how room conflicts are handled when restoring a Seminar activity
  • TL-12739 Improved performance when using the progress column within a Certification overview report
  • TL-12747 Ensured User Profile fields set as unique do not include empty values when determining uniqueness
  • TL-12762 Prevented appraisal messages from being sent to unassigned users
  • TL-12774 Added validation to prevent invalid Assignment grade setting combination
  • TL-12778 Fixed the display of the "add another option" link in Appraisals and 360 Feedback multi-choice questions
  • TL-12787 Added new capability: totara/program:markcoursecomplete
  • TL-12793 Fixed a bug when trying to remove a regular expression validation from a text custom field
  • TL-12795 Fixed 'Program Name and Linked Icon' report column when exporting
  • TL-12798 Fixed the display of description for personal goals on the My Goals page
  • TL-12801 Fixed exporting course completion reports to excel after filtering by organisation


  • * Russell England - TL-12669
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