Totara 9.1 (22 November 2016)


  • TL-10252 Non-date picker uses of date picker strings changed to langconfig strings
  • TL-11112 The default encoding is now consistently set to UTF-8
  • TL-11114 Incompatible plugin updates and installer code was removed
  • TL-11157 Fixed data loss bug when learning plans are deleted under certain conditions

Security issues:

  • TL-10752 Implemented additional checks within the Appraisal review ajax script
  • TL-5178 Added a missing sesskey check to feedback/assignments.php
  • TL-6615 Added a check for HTTP only cookies to the security report
  • TL-8849 Improved validation when managing Seminar custom fields


  • TL-10038 Added a warning entry into the HR Import import log if data contains a user that has their "HR import" setting disabled
  • TL-10097 Removed whitespace when editing individual feedback 360 requests
  • TL-10203 Improved efficiency when importing users that include dropdown menu profile field data
  • TL-10292 Added a legend when exporting and importing questions by category or context from within the question bank
  • TL-10627 Improved appraisal snapshot PDF rendering
  • TL-10654 Improved display of username when viewing as another role
  • TL-10681 Added an environment test for mbstring.func_overload to ensure it is not set
  • TL-10705 Improved the help text within Seminar when uploading attendees by CSV file
  • TL-10731 Added setting to allow limiting of feedback reminders sent out
  • TL-10782 Seminar direct enrolment instances within a course can now be manually removed when no longer wanted
  • TL-10793 Improved support of RTL languages within Report builder reports in the new themes
  • TL-10909 Improved wording of course activity reports visibility setting help
  • TL-10917 Improved the performance of admin settings for PDF fonts
  • TL-10947 Removed duplicated link in the My team block
  • TL-10965 Improved program assignments to recognise changes in hierarchies related to 'all below' assignments
  • TL-11001 Mark completion reaggregated after each record is processed
  • TL-11026 Improved move left and move right functionality when editing a course
  • TL-11041 Site level administrative approvers setting in Seminars has been relocated to Seminars > Global settings
  • TL-11045 Seminar upcoming and previous headings are now the correct level
  • TL-11051 The Seminar event "Add approver" button is now disabled when it is not relevant
  • TL-11052 Changed text when removing users from a seminar event
  • TL-9325 Moved the add event link within Seminar above the upcoming events display
  • Bug fixes:
  • TL-10108 Prevented program due messages being sent when the user is already complete
  • TL-10213 Reduced the number of joins in appraisal details report with scale value questions
  • TL-10244 Removed unnecessary italic format from the my team block
  • TL-10273 Removed unnecessary fieldset around forum search
  • TL-10311 Controls in the element library now link to the same page
  • TL-10320 Corrected the accessibility link between the Seminar event export label and it's select input
  • TL-10331 Ensured URL custom fields are cleaned using PARAM_URL when uploaded via HR Import
  • TL-10332 Added default behaviour of do not open in new window for URL custom fields when added or updated via HR Import
  • TL-10360 Competency completion calculations now correctly look at previously completed courses
  • TL-10687 Dock action icons now use the same colour as block actions in basis
  • TL-10766 Fixed colour of legends and help icons in Kiwifruit responsive
  • TL-10787 Fixed a php notice generated when a competency is added to a learning plan with optional courses
  • TL-10819 Added code to re-run an upgrade step to delete report data for deleted users
  • TL-10837 Added workaround for iOS 10 bug causing problems with video playback
  • TL-10853 Ensured consistent spacing around the login info within the Basis theme footer
  • TL-10891 Fixed overactive validation of Seminar cutoff against dates
  • TL-10901 Fixed missing course events from calendar when viewing all
  • TL-10905 Stopped a duplicate error message from being displayed on the login screen when the session has expired
  • TL-10910 Fixed required permissions for appraisals aggregate questions
  • TL-10916 Fixed a debug error within the Current Learning block when images are added to the summary of a program or certification
  • TL-10946 Removed false deprecation message for the viewmyteam string
  • TL-10955 Fixed database error when generating a report with search columns
  • TL-10956 Fixed the display of the marking guide editing interface
  • TL-10963 Added tabs to the seminar events and session report pages and ensured bookmarking of both pages can be achieved
  • TL-10972 Deleting a Seminar now correctly removes orphaned notification records
  • TL-10979 Ensured certification messages can be resent on subsequent recertifications
  • TL-10998 Removed inaccessible options in Program Administration block
  • TL-11009 Fixed the display of learning plan courses within the Current Learning block after being enrolled in a course
  • TL-11010 Fixed emails being sent to declined users when an event is closed
  • TL-11020 Caused program completion to be checked on assignment
  • TL-11047 Fixed an incorrect capability check made when checking whether a user can manage dashboards
  • TL-11060 Fixed a php notice generated within HR Sync when using the organisation or position elements
  • TL-11087 Ensured that IE9 chunked stylesheet paths are correctly generated
  • TL-11102 Fixed a timing issue in totara_core_webservice PHPUnit tests
  • TL-11138 Provided an IE9 compatible fallback for the loading icon
  • TL-7752 Fixed problems with program enrolment messages
  • TL-9301 Fixed Seminar event functionality when the cancellationnote default custom field has been deleted
  • TL-9846 Removed reference to deprecated variable when in a chat activity
  • TL-9993 Fixed the display of images within textareas in Learning Plans and Record of Learning Evidence
  • TL-9994 Stopped the actions column from being included when exporting Other Evidence report in the Record of Learning

API changes:

  • TL-9726 Added the system requirements for upgrades to Totara 10dev
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