Totara 9.6 (27 april 2017)

Security issues:

  • TL-5678 Fixed sesskey handling within Hierarchy ajax scripts
  • TL-13932 Fixed a security issue within TeX notation filtering


  • TL-12251 Improved the performance of adding and removing enrolled learning for an audience
  • TL-12591 [10.0+9.6]Email address validation is now inline with the WHATWG recommendation and webkit operation[10.0+9.6][2.9.18]Reportbuilder scheduled report external email address validation now matches on the server and client[2.9.18]
  • TL-12869 Improved the confirmation message shown when deleting a block
  • TL-13882 Improved HTML of the progress bars in the last course accessed block and record of learning
  • TL-14011 Lowered memory usage when running PHPUnit tests
  • TL-14220 Updated Certificate Authority fallback bundle for Windows servers

Bug fixes:

  • TL-12417 Fixed user enrolment into courses via competencies
  • TL-12600 Fixed HTML parsing for 'body' and 'manager prefix' fields in Seminar notification templates when the 'enable trusted content' setting is enabled
  • TL-12641 Fixed a scheduling issue in HR Import where the sync was being triggered more times than required.
  • TL-12684 Removed quiz report option "all users who have attempted the quiz" when separate group is selected as it does not make sense
  • TL-12736 Added a sanity check for the Auth field in HR Import to ensure the specified authentication type exists
  • TL-12773 Fixed a bug when setting SCORM attribute values
  • TL-12802 Fixed the display of the grade percentage within the Record of Learning reports when max grade is not 100
  • TL-12866 Fixed a bug whereby managers could not remove [10.0+9.6]seminar[10.0+9.6][2.9.18+2.7.26+2.6.43]Face-to-face[2.9.18+2.7.26+2.6.43] allocations once learners had already self booked
  • TL-12873 Fixed help string for report export settings
  • TL-12891 Fixed and improved RTL languages support in Report Builder export formats
  • TL-12892 Ensured HR Import manages special characters correctly when used with Menu custom user profile fields
  • TL-12947 Fixed step, min and max attributes not being set in number form elements
  • TL-12966 Added framework information to Hierarchy rules in dynamic audiences
  • TL-12973 Fixed HTML validation in the current learning block when a user does not have any current learning
  • TL-13881 Fixed Report builder side bar filters for multi-check customfields
  • TL-13887 Fixed form parameters when expanding courses within the enhanced course catalog
  • TL-13901 Fixed the validation of [2.7.26+2.9.18]Face-to-face[2.7.26+2.9.18][9.6+10.0]Seminar[9.6+10.0] event custom fields configured to require unique values
  • TL-13909 Fixed RTL CSS cascading
  • TL-13911 Fixed incorrect availability of certification reports when programs are disabled
  • TL-13915 Removed space between filters and content of Report Builder reports in IE
  • TL-12451 Introduced a large visual gap between Report Builder filters and the Report Builder content in IE. This fix removes that gap.
  • TL-13924 Fixed warnings when viewing Appraisal previews
  • TL-13953 Fixed a typo in the [2.7.26+2.9.18]Face-to-face[2.7.26+2.9.18][9.6+10.0]Seminar[9.6+10.0] activity 'userwillbewaitlisted' string
  • TL-14064 Fixed the Record of Learning: Competencies report when Global Report Restrictions are enabled
  • TL-14145 Fixed a bug occuring when trying to move Course sections multiple times without refreshing


* Richard Eastbury at Think Associates - TL-13911

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