Release 2.9.20 (21 Juni 2017):

Security issues:

  • TL-7289 Added environment check for XML External Entity Expansion


  • TL-9224 Improved consistency of program exception restrictions
  • TL-9300 Updated the Date/time custom field so that it is not enabled by default
  • TL-10502 Renamed Record of learning navigation block to "Learning" (from "Learning plans")
  • TL-11264 Improved Atto editor autosave messaging and draft revert workflow
  • TL-14288 Added logs relating to program and certification assignment changes
  • TL-14385 Added checks for missing program and certification completion records

Bug fixes:

  • TL-10374 Fixed an Appraisal bug when trying to add a question without selecting a type
  • TL-14140 Fixed security report check for whether Flash animation is enabled
  • TL-14144 Fixed ambiguous id column in course dialog when completion criteria is required
  • TL-14251 Fixed the display order of goal scale values on the my goals page
  • TL-14252 Fixed debug error when sending program messages with certain placeholders
  • TL-14272 Fixed program and certification course enrolment suspension
  • TL-14291 Fixed user unassignment from programs and certifications
  • TL-14309 Fixed missing embedded fallback font causing error when viewing certificate
  • TL-14335 Backup annotation no longer tries to write to the temp table it is currently reading from
  • TL-14350 Fixed invalid program due date when a user is assigned with an exception
  • TL-14351 Ensured all images in appraisal print previews are responsive
  • TL-14371 Added missing use of format_string() in hierarchy filter text
  • TL-14387 Changes to [2.9.20]Face-to-face[2.9.20][9.8+10.0]Seminar[9.8+10.0] notification templates now update unchanged notifications
  • TL-14389 Improved the handling of incomplete AJAX requests when navigating away from a page
  • TL-14399 Fixed the "Manage searches" button in the Audience view report
  • TL-14411 Fixed reportbuilder exports for reports with embedded parameters
  • TL-14419 Fixed problems when restoring users to certifications
  • TL-14426 Fixed dialog scroll when adding "Fixed image" questions to an appraisal
  • TL-14437 Added an automated fix for expired certifications missing a due date
  • TL-14447 Fixed double html escaping when searching for course names that include special characters
  • TL-14672 Fixed permissions check for taking attendance within [2.7.28+2.9.20]Face-to-face sessions[2.7.28+2.9.20][9.8+10.0+Evergreen]Seminar events[9.8+10.0+Evergreen]
  • TL-14708 Fixed course id for the notifications when restoring a Face-to-face

API changes:

  • TL-14413 Added two new methods to the DML to fetch recordsets and a total count at the same time


* Eugene Venter at Catalyst NZ - TL-9300, TL-10502
* Russell England at Kineo US - TL-14144

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