Totara 9.3 (25 januari 2017)

Security issues:

TL-10773 Added safeguards to protect user anonymity when providing feedback within 360 Feedback
TL-12322 Improved validation within the 360° Feedback request confirmation form
TL-12327 Added a setting to prevent the malicious deletion of files via the Completion Import tool
TL-12411 MDL-56225: Removed unnecessary parameters when posting to a Forum
TL-12412 MDL-57531: Improved email sender handling to prevent PHPMailer vulnerabilities from being exploited
TL-12413 MDL-57580: Improved type handling within the Assignment module


TL-9016 Added content restrictions to the Goal custom fields report source
TL-9756 Removed an HTML table when viewing a Learning plan that has been changed after being approved
TL-10849 Improved the language strings used to describe Program and Certification exception types and actions
TL-11074 Added additional text to the manager and approver copies of original Seminar notifications
TL-12261 Improved code exception validation in several unit tests

Bug fixes:

TL-10416 Fixed an error when answering appraisal competency questions as the manager's manager or appraiser
TL-10945 Prevented loops in management job assignments in HR Import
TL-11150 Fixed an undefined property error in HR Import on the CSV configuration page
TL-11238 Fixed the Seminar name link column within the Seminar sessions report
TL-11270 Fixed Course Completion status not being set to "Not yet started" when removing RPL completions
TL-11316 Fixed an error when cloning an Appraisal containing aggregated questions
TL-12243 Fixed a Totara menu issue leading to incorrectly encoded ampersands
TL-12256 Prevented an incorrect redirect occurring when dismissing a notification from within a modal dialog
TL-12263 Fixed an issue with the display of assigned users within 360° Feedback
TL-12277 Corrected an issue where redirects with a message did not have a page URL set
TL-12280 Fixed a bug preventing block weights being cloned when a dashboard is cloned
TL-12283 Fixed several issues on the waitlist page when Seminar approval type is changed
TL-12284 Fixed an upgrade error due to an incorrectly unique index in the completion import tables on SQL Server
TL-12287 Ensured Hierarchy 'ID number' field type is set as string in Excel and ODS format exports to avoid incorrect automatic type detection
TL-12297 Removed options from the Reportbuilder "message type" filter when the corresponding feature is disabled
TL-12299 Fixed an error on the search page when setting Program assignment relative due dates
TL-12301 Fixed the replacement of course links from placeholders in notifications when restoring a Seminar
TL-12303 Fixed the HTML formatting of Seminar notification templates for third-party emails
TL-12305 Fixed incorrect wording in Learning Plan help text
TL-12311 Fixed the "is after" criteria in the "Start date" filter within the Course report source
TL-12315 Waitlist notifications are now sent when one message per date is enabled
TL-12323 Removed references to the SCORM course format from course format help string
TL-12325 Fixed the Quick Links block to ensure it decodes URL entities correctly
TL-12333 Made improvements to the handling of invalid job assignment dates
TL-12337 Fixed the formatting of event details placeholder in Seminar notifications
TL-12339 Reverted removal of style causing regression in IE
TL-12344 Fixed an error message when updating Competency scale values
TL-12352 Fixed a bug in the cache API when fetching multiple keys having specified MUST_EXIST
TL-12369 Marked class totara_dialog_content_manager as deprecated

Miscellaneous Moodle fixes:

TL-12406 MDL-57100: Prevented javascript exceptions from being displayed during an AJAX request
TL-12407 MDL-56948: Fixed Assignment bug when viewing a submission with a grade type of "none"
TL-12409 MDL-57170: Fixed fault in legacy Dropbox API usage
TL-12410 MDL-57193: Fixed external database authentication where more than 10000 users are imported

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