Release 9.9 (19 juli 2017)

Security issues:

  • TL-9391 Made file access in programs stricter
  • TL-12940 Applied account lockout threshold when using webservice authentication
  • TL-12942 Stopped the supplied passwords being logged in failed web services authentication

Performance improvement:

  • TL-2821 Capability to configure a second database connection for Report Builder
  • TL-6834 Improved the performance of Report Builder reports by avoiding unnecessary count queries
  • TL-14237 Fixed an SQL error when caching a report with Job Assignment fields
  • TL-14398 Report Builder source caching is now user specific
  • TL-14421 Improved the performance of the Site log report source when the event name filter was available
  • TL-14432 Improved performance when generating report caches for reports with text based columns
  • TL-14744 Fixed a JavaScript bug within the enhanced course catalog when no filters are available
  • TL-14761 New better performing Job columns
  • TL-14780 Fixed the unnecessary use of LIKE within course category filter multichoice
  • TL-14791 Report Builder reports no longer show a total count by default
  • TL-14793 Filters which are not compatible with report caching can now prevent report caching
  • TL-14816 Added detection of filters that prevent report caching
  • TL-14824 Improved the performance of the Site logs report source

New features:

  • TL-11096 New signup with approval authentication plugin


  • TL-3212 Improved notification template field behavior for seminar activity
  • TL-11294 Added additional link text to the previous certification completions column when viewing a users record of learning
  • TL-11295 Added accessibility link text to the previous program completions column when viewing a user's record of learning
  • TL-12659 Added labels to linked component checkboxes in learning plans
  • TL-12748 Speed up password hashing when importing users in HR Import
  • TL-12960 Drag and drop question images are scaled when they are too big for the available space
  • TL-14709 Changed manager job selection dialog to optionally disallow new job assignment creation
  • TL-14755 Added an environment test for misconfigured MSSQL databases
  • TL-14762 Added support for optgroups in Totara form select element
  • TL-14820 Improved unit test performance and coverage for all Reportbuilder sources
  • TL-14947 Improved unit test coverage of DB reserved words

Bug fixes:

  • TL-14336 Removed audience visibility checks for courses added to Learning Plans
  • TL-14341 Fixed page ordering for draft appraisals without stage due dates
  • TL-14361 Fixed Seminar direct enrolment not allowing enrolments after upgrade
  • TL-14379 Fixed double encoding of report names on "My Reports" page
  • TL-14435 Fixed the use of an unexpected recordset when removing Seminar attendees
  • TL-14446 Fixed incorrect link to Course using audience visibility when viewing a Program
  • TL-14680 Hide manager reservation link when seminar event is cancelled
  • TL-14701 Removed unused 'timemodified' form element from learning plan competencies
  • TL-14713 Fixed escape character escaping within the "sql_like_escape" database function
  • TL-14719 Prevented duplicate form ID attributes from being output on initial load and dynamic dialog forms
  • TL-14735 JavaScript pix helper now converts pix icons that only supply the icon name to flex icons
  • TL-14741 Fixed a php open_basedir restriction issue when used with HR Import directory check
  • TL-14750 Fixed restricted access based on quizzes using the require passing grade completion criteria
  • TL-14765 Retrieving a counted recordset now works with a wider selection of queries
  • TL-14778 Added new strings to the Seminar language pack to ease translation
  • TL-14794 Fixed Seminar list under course activity
  • TL-14798 Ensured html entities are removed for export in the orderedlist_to_newline display class
  • TL-14803 Fixed certificate custom text to support multi-language content
  • TL-14804 Fixed issue with null in deleted column when using HR import
  • TL-14806 Ensured when enabling or disabling an HR Import element, the notification is not incorrectly displayed multiple times
  • TL-14809 Corrected typos within graph custom settings inline help
  • TL-14814 Close button in YUI dialogs is fully contained within the header bar
  • TL-14929 Fixed the display of available activities if the user holds the viewhiddenactivities capability
  • TL-14934 Fixed a coding error when using fasthashing for passwords in HR Import
  • TL-14993 Prevented all access to the admin pages from the guest user
  • TL-15014 Fixed inconsistencies in counted recordsets across all databases
  • TL-15036 Added missing column type descriptor in the Totara Connect report source

Miscellaneous Moodle fixes:

  • TL-14920 MDL-56565: Prevented other users' username being displayed when manipulating URLs
  • TL-14927 MDL-59456: Fixed a CAS authentication bypass issue when running against an old CAS server


* Alex Glover at Kineo UK - TL-14341
* Artur Rietz at Webanywhere - TL-14398
* Jo Jones at Kineo UK - TL-14432
* Russell England at Kineo USA - TL-14435
* Pavel Tsakalidis for proposing the approach used in TL-6834

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