Totara 9.4 (24 februari 2017)

Security issues:

TL-6810 Added sesskey checks to the programs complete course code


  • TL-11291 Replaced the input button with text when editing a users messaging preferences
  • TL-11317 Added labels to the add rule dropdown when editing the rules of a dynamic audience
  • TL-11318 Added accessibility labels to Hierarchy framework searches and bulk actions
  • TL-12314 Improved HTML validation when searching within a Hierarchy framework
  • TL-12594 Added default html clean up to the static_html form element

Bug fixes:

  • TL-8375 Fixed issues with audiences in the table for restricting access to a menu item
  • TL-9264 Fixed a fatal error encountered in the Audience dialog for Program assignments
  • TL-10082 Fixed the display of description images in the 360° Feedback request selection list
  • TL-10871 Fixed duplicated error message displayed when creating Seminar sessions with multiple dates
  • TL-11062 Seminar events that are in progress are now shown under the upcoming sessions tab
  • TL-11106 Fixed row duplication of Seminar events within the Seminar events report source
  • TL-11186 Changed user completion icons into font icons
  • TL-11230 Fixed disabled program course enrolments being re-enabled on cron
  • TL-12252 Disabled selection dialogs for Hierarchy report filters when the filter is set to "is any value"
  • TL-12286 Corrected the table class used in Course administration > Competencies
  • TL-12298 Fixed RTL CSS flipping in Appraisals
  • TL-12341 Removed unnecessary code to prevent page jump on click of action menu
  • TL-12342 Moved the block hide icon to the right in Roots and Basis themes
  • TL-12443 Fixed RTL CSS flipping in 360° Feedback
  • TL-12445 Fixed completion recording for some SCORMs with deep navigation structure (3+ levels)
  • TL-12455 Backport TL-11198 - Added support for add-on report builder sources in column tests
  • TL-12458 Fixed the visibility permissions for images in the event details field
  • TL-12463 Prevented the submission of text longer than 255 characters on Appraisal and 360° Feedback short text questions
  • TL-12464 Fixed a HTML validation issue on the user/preferences.php page
  • TL-12465 Fixed the display of multi-lang custom field names on the edit program and certification forms
  • TL-12585 Fixed a fatal error when trying to configure the Stats block without having staff
  • TL-12593 Fixed double escaping in the select and multiselect forms elements
  • TL-12596 Reverted change which caused potential HR Import performance cost
  • TL-12603 Course reminders are no longer sent to unenrolled users
  • TL-12606 Fixed resending certification course set messages
  • TL-12616 Fixed the Certification window open transaction log entry
  • TL-12649 Fixed the rendering of Totara form errors when get_data() is not called
  • TL-12656 Remove incorrect quotations from mustache template strings
  • TL-12680 Made the user menu hide languages when the "Display language menu" setting is disabled

API changes:

  • TL-10990 Ensured JS Flex Icon options are equivalent to PHP API
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