Release 9.10 (23 augustus 2017):


  • TL-7753 The gauth authentication plugin has been removed from all versions of Totara

Security issues:

  • TL-10753 Prevented viewing of hidden program names in Program completions block ajax
  • TL-14213 Converted sesskey checks to use timing attack safe function hash_equals()


  • TL-12886 Improved formatting when viewing user details within a course
  • TL-14368 Added an autosubmit handler to Totara forms
  • TL-14726 Stopped duplicate calls to the core_output_load_template webservice
  • TL-14781 Improved efficiency of job assignment filter joins
  • TL-14986 Added proficiency achieved date to competencies
  • TL-14988 Ensured that a competency status is displayed on the Record of Learning even if a learning plan has been deleted
  • TL-15002 Added navigation links on the Approval plugin edit signup page
  • TL-15006 Cleaned up and improved dataroot reset in behat and phpunit tests
  • TL-15009 Added new faster static MUC cache for phpunit tests
  • TL-15016 Improved the summary of the mod/facetoface:signupwaitlist capability to avoid confusion
  • TL-15755 Unnecessary confirmation related emails are not sent when request is approved automatically in Self-registration with approval
  • TL-15760 Updated hardcoded URLs to point to new community site location
  • TL-15803 Added 'Target date' and 'Status' columns to Goal Custom Fields report source

Bug fixes:

  • TL-12295 Added replacement email verification for openbackpack connections
  • TL-12459 Prevented the leave page confirmation when approving changes after adding an Audience rule
  • TL-12855 Fixed quiz statistics for separate groups
  • TL-14148 Fixed static server version caching in database drivers
  • TL-14170 Fixed LDAP/user profile custom field sync bug
  • TL-14239 The required fields note now appears correctly when a Totara form is loaded via JavaScript
  • TL-14316 Fixed the loading of YUI dialogs within Totara dialogs
  • TL-14805 Ensured appraisal question field labels display consistently
  • TL-14813 Pix to Flex icon conversion now honours custom pix title attributes
  • TL-14828 Forum posts only marked as read when full post is displayed
  • TL-14935 Ensured that programs and their courses appear within the Current Learning Block when they are within an approved Learning Plan
  • TL-14953 Fixed missing JavaScript dependencies in the report table block
  • TL-14954 Fixed the display of translated month names in date pickers
  • TL-14984 Fixed the display of grades in the Record of Learning grades column
  • TL-14994 Added missing parameter to job assignments url on the user profile page
  • TL-15000 Removed duplicate error messages when approving signups
  • TL-15011 Added check for valid hierarchy ids when accessing auth approved signup page with external defaults
  • TL-15022 Fixed 'Responsetime' for anonymous users from showing epoch date in the Feedback module
  • TL-15024 Fixed an error that occurred when exporting assignees and their job assignments for Seminar events
  • TL-15039 Fixed an SQL error that occurred when searching in filters using just a space
  • TL-15040 Fixed the information sent in the attached ical when notifying users that a Seminar's date and details have been changed
  • TL-15054 Fixed inconsistent behaviour when changing number of course sections
  • TL-15057 ORACLE SQL keywords are now ignored when validating install.xml files
  • TL-15080 Fixed context of dynamic audiences rules permission check
  • TL-15083 Updated the capability check in totara_gap_can_edit_aspirational_position to ensure new users can be created without error
  • TL-15086 Fixed SCORM view page to display content depending on permissions
  • TL-15095 Fixed known compatibility problems with MariaDB 10.2.7
  • TL-15097 Added a missing language string used within course reset
  • TL-15100 Fixed session start date link format without timezone
  • TL-15103 Fixed handling of HTML markup in multilingual authentication instructions
  • TL-15303 Fixed element heights set by JavaScript in grader report
  • TL-15731 Fixed the display of personal goal text area custom fields in Appraisal snapshots
  • TL-15738 Fixed program progress bar in Program Overview report source
  • TL-15775 Fixed incorrect encoding of language strings in Appraisal dialogs
  • TL-15811 Fixed admin tree rendering to handle empty sub items
  • TL-15838 Fixed Seminar Message Users to send a message to CC user manager


* Richard Eastbury at Think Associates - TL-15775
* Russell England at Kineo USA - TL-15083

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