Release 9.11 (22 september 2017)

Security issues:

  • TL-12944 Updated Web Service tokens to use cryptographically secure generators
  • TL-14325 Fixed an issue when users authenticating through external authentication systems experience password expiry
  • TL-16116 Added a check for group permissions when viewing course user reports
  • TL-16117 Events belonging to activity modules can no longer be manually deleted from the calendar
  • TL-16118 Fixed the logic in checking whether users can view course profiles
  • TL-16119 Fixed incomplete escaping on the Feedback activity contact form
  • TL-16120 Added warning to admins when a development libs directory exists.

New features:

  • TL-4156 Added the course completion editor


  • TL-14244 Updated default branding to Totara Learn
  • TL-14275 Users can now cause self completion from within a course activity
  • TL-15056 Added warning notice to the top of delete category page
  • TL-15834 Improved Datepicker in Totara forms
  • TL-15996 Improved test environment init when switching PHP versions
  • TL-16148 Improved performance of category management page

Bug fixes:

  • TL-11012 Fixed formatting of grade percentage shown in quiz review
  • TL-14676 Fixed error when deleting a closed 360 Feedback
  • TL-14753 Fixed the display of grades within the course completion report sources
  • TL-14996 Disabled multiple selection during manager selection in signup form
  • TL-15038 Fixed error when trying to save a search with availability filter in Rooms and Assets reports
  • TL-15785 Fixed the display of manager and appraiser filters while creating a saved search
  • TL-15843 Updated job assignments sync to allow email to be omitted.
  • TL-15852 Fixed Restrict initial display when counting a last filter
  • TL-15879 Fixed missing icon from Progress column in Record of Learning in some cases
  • TL-15884 Fixed an Job assignment error when taking attendance for a Seminar activity
  • TL-15891 Added checks and fixes for orphaned program user assignment exceptions
  • TL-15892 Ensured course deletion does not effect awarded course badges
  • TL-15897 Fixed some typos in Certification language strings
  • TL-15899 Corrected inconsistent validation of Seminar sender address setting
  • TL-15900 Fixed manager's manager not updating in dynamic appraisals
  • TL-15919 Fixed missing delete assignment button for active appraisals
  • TL-15921 Fixed multiple display of seminar attendees that have been approved more than once
  • TL-15936 Fixed detection of non-lowercase authentication plugin names in HR Sync on OSX and Windows
  • TL-15937 Added missing appraisal data generator reset
  • TL-15977 Fixed SCORM cmi.interaction bug
  • TL-16010 Added reset method to hierarchy generator
  • TL-16121 Fixed View Details link not working when user is viewing appraisal answers only
  • TL-16126 Fixed how choice activity data is reset by certification windows

Miscellaneous Moodle fixes:

  • TL-16033 MDL-57649: Fixed removing of attached files in question pages of lesson module
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