Release 9.12 (27 Oktober 2017):


  • TL-16313 Release packages are now provided through

Security issues:

  • TL-12466 Corrected access restrictions on 360° Feedback files

Performance improvement:

  • TL-16161 Reduced load times for the course and category management page when using audience visibility


  • TL-11296 Added accessible text when creating/editing profile fields and categories
  • TL-15835 Made some minor improvements to program and certification completion editors
  • TL-16381 The new release notification was updated to use new end point

Bug fixes:

  • TL-15846 Removed an incorrectly displayed sidebar report filters dropdown from the Basis theme
  • TL-15885 Fixed Navigation block problems with course visibility
  • TL-15923 Fixed duplicate calendar records for Seminar wait-list user calendar
  • TL-15932 Fixed problem of SCORM window size cutting off content
  • TL-15988 Prevented autofill of non-login passwords in Chrome
  • TL-15997 Fixed saving of new/changed Seminar direct enrolment custom fields
  • TL-16124 Fixed Seminar booking confirmation sent to manager when no approval required
  • TL-16163 Your progress text no longer is displayed on top of the user menu
  • TL-16212 Fixed issue where self completion from within a certificate activity may complete a different activity
  • TL-16215 Role assignments granted through the enrol_cohort plugin are now deleted if the plugin is disabled
  • TL-16223 Fixed a typo in the "cancellationcutoff" session variable
  • TL-16224 Prevented orphaned program exceptions from occurring
  • TL-16237 Fixed upgrade issue when different Seminar notifications have same title
  • TL-16242 Scorm loading placeholders are now displayed correctly in RTL languages
  • TL-16254 Fixed automated course backup not taking audience-based visibility into account
  • TL-16258 Fixed uniqueness checks for certification completion history
  • TL-16267 Fixed permissions error when accessing SCORM activities as a guest
  • TL-16274 Fixed an issue when updating user Forum preferences when user's username contains uppercase characters
  • TL-16279 Added additional checks when displaying and validating self completion from within an activity
  • TL-16286 Fixed incorrect appraisal status on reassigned users
  • TL-16288 Checkbox and radio options lists no longer have bold input labels
  • TL-16289 Fixed course completion editor link requiring incorrect capability
  • TL-16292 Fixed saving of seminar custom fields for all users
  • TL-16301 Fixed calendar filtering on seminar room fields
  • TL-16392 Fixed namespace of activity completion form

Miscellaneous Moodle fixes:

  • TL-16037 MDL-59527: Fixed race condition when using autocomplete forms
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