Release 2.9.25 (24 November 2017):


  • TL-16434 Updated email address validation to use the WHATWG recommendation.

Security issues:

  • TL-16270 360° Feedback now correctly disposes of the user's access token when no longer needed

Bug fixes:

  • TL-15029 Fixed brief positioning issue when scrolling a 360° Feedback page
  • TL-16287 Fixed renaming of user profile fields breaking HR Import user source settings
  • TL-16296 Fixed a bug leading to schedule changes for reports being forgotten
  • TL-16312 Fixed formatting of text area fields in the Database course activity when exporting
  • TL-16376 Fixed LDAP sync for user profile custom menu field
  • TL-16429 Fixed session details missing from Trainer confirmation email
  • TL-16435 Fixed missing "Notification does not exist" string
  • TL-16443 Fixed an SQL error in the Appraisal details report due to multi-select questions
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