Release 2.9.26 (21 december 2017):

Security issues:

  • TL-16451 Fixed permissions not being checked when performing actions on the Face-to-face attendees page


  • TL-9277 Added additional options when selecting the maximum Feedback activity reminder time

Bug fixes:

  • TL-8062 Fixed Face-to-face notifications not being sent when the room has been changed
  • TL-15804 Feedback Reminder periods help text has been clarified to explain it counts weekdays and not weekends
  • TL-16218 Fixed a typo in the certification completion checker
  • TL-16220 Fixed multisco SCORM completion with learning objects grading method (based on MDL-44712)
  • TL-16458 Fixed Totara Connect SSO login process to update login dates and trigger login event
  • TL-16483 Fixed Report Builder caching for reports that include Face-to-face session roles filter
  • TL-16492 Allow less privileged reviewers and respondents to a 360° Feedback to access the files added to a response
  • TL-16521 Fixed certification messages that were not reset before upgrading to TL-10979
  • TL-16522 Fixed the language used for the email from address for scheduled reports
  • TL-16530 Fixed report builder cache generator
  • TL-16603 Ported MDL-55469 to allow learners to completely finish a final SCORM attempt
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