Totara LMS 2.9.1. (16 nov 2015)

Security issues:

  • TL-7829 Removed reliance on url parameter for choosing table
  • TL-7886 Fixed access checks for the position assignment AJAX script

New features:

  • TL-7850 Merged Moodle 2.9.3


  • TL-6282 Improved handling and displaying of the user's name in Core dialogs
  • TL-6529 Added the manager's email as a selectable column for reports that include user's position fields
  • TL-6657 Added actual due dates to program Assignments and audience Enrolled Learning tabs
  • TL-7183 Trigger updates to program user assignments when changing assignments via the audience Enrolled Learning tab
  • TL-7256 Mark programs for deferred user assignment update when assignment membership changes
  • TL-7575 Removed Totara menu from the print layout
  • TL-7741 Removed HTML table behind the Weekend Days setting
  • TL-7745 Added labels to settings on Site administration > Front page > Front page settings
  • TL-7748 Improved Accessibility when editing the Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Quiz Settings
  • TL-7750 Improved layout of "User Fullname (with links to learning components)" Report builder column
  • TL-7792 Added settings to enforce https access and prevent embedding of content in external Flash and PDF files
  • TL-7813 Reduced events triggered when program user assignments are updated
  • TL-7824 Moved program user assignment deferred flag reset to start of functon
  • TL-7878 Added a page title when adding and removing Feedback360 requests with javascript turned off

Bug fixes:

  • TL-6936 Face-to-face direct enrolment plugin allows users to signup to more then one Face-to-face.
  • TL-6957 Display correct due date value in the upcoming certifications block
  • TL-6981 Reaggregate course completion when activity completion criteria are unlocked without deletion
  • TL-7273 Corrected the help text for Report builder simple select filters
  • TL-7437 Switched the badges backpack URL to use HTTPS
  • TL-7514 Fixed the display order of Face-to-face sessions for the Face-to-face direct enrolment plugin
  • TL-7559 Enabled the transfer of position and organistion custom fields for the database source of HR Sync
  • TL-7562 Fixed strings for audience rules based on course and program completion
  • TL-7594 Fixed users booked on a Face-to-face session with no dates being incorrectly removed when another user cancels their booking
  • TL-7602 Re-enabled the Save and Cancel buttons for the Face-to-face take attendance tab
  • TL-7611 Fixed the handling of username and suspended fields for external database sources in HR Import
  • TL-7644 Corrected the amount of white space in the 'recordoflearning' language string
  • TL-7659 Prevented cancellation notifications being sent to users booked in completed Face-to-face sessions when the course is deleted
  • TL-7660 Fixed the behaviour of pagination on hierarchy index pages
  • TL-7664 Fixed dynamic audience rules based upon checkbox position custom fields
  • TL-7675 Fixed the display of an aggregation warning for Report builder columns
  • TL-7676 Fixed the display of duplicate categories in pie charts
  • TL-7686 Fixed URL validation when adding new links to the quicklinks block
  • TL-7695 Re-aggregate when course completion criteria is changed without deletion
  • TL-7698 Fixed the handling of position and organisation 'Text area' custom fields within HR Import
  • TL-7711 Fixed the "duedate(extra info)" column for Report builder export to pdf
  • TL-7724 Fixed an error when adding audience visibility during program creation.
  • TL-7732 Allow HR import to set posenddate value as blank when posstartdate is set
  • TL-7769 The Report builder "Manager's name" filter now counts users without a manager as "empty"
  • TL-7770 Fixed date validation for Face-to-face sessions when removing dates or wait-listing a session
  • TL-7783 Fixed the ordering of the Face-to-face waitlist
  • TL-7784 Fixed the help text for Face-to-face 'minimum capacity' setting
  • TL-7789 Fixed the formatting of the Face-to-face intro page
  • TL-7821 Fixed a Totara Connect upgrade step that introduced a non-existent local plugin
  • TL-7833 Fixed cron failure when sending Face-to-face notifications
  • TL-7836 Ensured images are restricted by their assigned widths
  • TL-7844 Grader report now scrolls when it is too wide for the screen
  • TL-7849 Removed reports and saved searches from the report table block when users do not have access
  • TL-7851 Fixed the display of the "duedates" column for program and certification overview Report builder reports
  • TL-7876 Stopped the incorrect archiving of facetoface sessions without dates
  • TL-7881 Recreate course completion records when activity criteria are reset with deletion
  • TL-7883 Fixed date handling on the Face-to-face block calendar page
  • TL-7909 Make sure url params are passed when using report builder toolbar search
  • TL-7921 Fixed regression with media playback when request_order="GPC" in PHP.ini
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