Totara LMS 2.9.3 (18 jan 2016)


  • TL-7896 Fixed dynamic audience rules that reference an organisation menu type custom field
  • TL-8047 Fixed a bug found within SQL search routines used by both dialog searches and dynamic audience rules.


  • TL-7560 Added missing foreign key to the type field in the pos_assignment table
  • TL-7816 Time can now be set when assigning due dates for programs
  • TL-7973 Added a warning for Report builder when internally required columns break custom aggregations
  • TL-8133 Renamed the Position and Organisation Report builder filters to be more consistent
  • TL-8144 Improved the multi-lang support for Appraisal management pages
  • TL-8155 Improved compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.5
  • TL-8166 Added a new column 'Course Completions as Evidence' to the My Team embedded report
  • TL-8183 Improved the Face-to-face session room filter
  • TL-8210 Replaced the logos in the standardtotararesponsive theme with SVG equivalents.
  • TL-8228 Improved the multi-lang support for Questions in Appraisals and Feedback360

Bug fixes:

  • TL-7012 Fixed the course completion progress bar for courses within a completed learning plan
  • TL-7527 Fixed the default settings for the example appraisal
  • TL-7608 Increased the maximum character length to 255 for various user fields in HR Import
  • TL-7809 Updated the language strings for the learning plans "objectives approval" and "status" columns
  • TL-7826 Course completions stats on the My Team report now include RPL completions
  • TL-7946 Removed the link from progress icon if the user is not enrolled in the course
  • TL-7978 Fixed the layout of strings in the Completion status block
  • TL-8041 Fixed access controls when adding and removing audiences while editing courses
  • TL-8049 Fixed an error when hiding blocks on learning plan pages
  • TL-8056 Fixed styles for the assignment marking guide criterion form section
  • TL-8083 Removed dashboards associated with deleted audiences
  • TL-8124 Fixed error when deleting course with Face-to-face activities
  • TL-8127 Fixed filters requiring javascript in embedded Audience Member reports
  • TL-8128 Fixed the link edit current user profile in the navigation block
  • TL-8129 Fixed the homepage redirect when a dashboard is set to be the default homepage
  • TL-8135 Fixed the risk displayed for the totara/program:markstaffcoursecomplete capability
  • TL-8160 HR Import now correctly sets the default language when creating users
  • TL-8167 The Graphical report block now uses the default sort order of the report
  • TL-8173 Fixed HTML validation error due to missing closing div tag on the program assignments page
  • TL-8184 Stopped timezones being displayed in Face-to-face reports when they are disabled in the plugin settings
  • TL-8185 Fixed the pagination on the "Manage programs" and "Manage certifications" pages
  • TL-8191 Fixed the validation of Report builder date filters using number of days selectors
  • TL-8197 Fixed text placement for RTL graphical reports in Internet Explorer and Edge
  • TL-8207 Fixed notice when editing pages with custom block regions without JavaScript
  • TL-8221 Course icons are now shown in all circumstances
  • TL-8229 Changed the required learning page to show user's program details even if complete
  • TL-8231 Switched the Face-to-face edit attendees from sending GET params to POST params
  • TL-8245 Fixed cohort log data in site logs
  • TL-8251 Fixed an error with updating competency properties in a learning plan with JavaScript disabled
  • TL-8263 Fixed room validation during Face-to-face session creation when the datetime is not known
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