Totara LMS 2.9.2 (15 dec 2016)

Security issues:

  • TL-7957 Totara Connect now prevents reuse of ssotokens for user logins
  • TL-7975 Added read/write access controls to group assignment code throughout Totara
  • TL-8076 Prevented access to external blog pages when either blogs or external blogs are disabled

New features:

  • TL-7679 New PDF export plugin in Report builder using wkhtmltopdf binary. This export plugin is compatible with RTL languages, has increased performance, and lowered memory use.


  • TL-4429 Added an advanced multi-item course name filter to various Report builder report sources
  • TL-6283 Removed all uses of deprecated function sql_fullname in Feedback360
  • TL-6474 Shortened the display of Report builder Graph labels and legend entries
  • TL-7810 Improved the performance of building hierarchy lists
  • TL-8020 Added advanced multi-item Position and Organisation name filters to various Report builder report sources
  • TL-8061 Changed the default settings for badge owner notifications to always send email
  • TL-8065 Improved the accessibility of the question bank export
  • TL-8066 Improved the performance of the Audience enrolments sync
  • TL-8073 Blogs are now disabled by default in new installations
  • TL-8093 Improved the display of select boxes with a specified size

Bug fixes:

  • TL-6789 Fixed the handling of transactions when exceptions occur within HR Import user sync
  • TL-7355 Managers approving Face-to-face booking requests are now notified of the updates success
  • TL-7426 Fixed the course completion status of users after their RPL is deleted
  • TL-7504 Updated the permissions for the unobscured user email column in Report builder reports
  • TL-7521 Fixed values for position start and end dates when syncing with database source
  • TL-7620 Fixed the display of defaults for text input custom fields in Report builder
  • TL-7712 Fixed an issue with assigning a large number of users to programs
  • TL-7729 Replaced hardcoded strings with lang strings in the old program catalog
  • TL-7731 Fixed the display of non-latin characters in program summaries when viewing Report builder reports
  • TL-7781 Fixed pop-up behaviour for admins using a single-activity course with a file
  • TL-7842 Fixed stuck certification completions due to a bug previously fixed in TL-6979
  • TL-7879 Stopped Program un-enrolment messages being sent to suspended users
  • TL-7904 Fixed Terms & Conditions dialog box for Face-to-face direct enrolment plugin
  • TL-7911 Fixed the restoration of certificate user information on different sites
  • TL-7915 Added missing include to the Competency Status History report source
  • TL-7917 Fixed the "User is suspended" dynamic audience rule when it is used more than once in the same rule set
  • TL-7925 Fixed an issue with duplicate grade items when using the assignment submissions report source
  • TL-7927 Fixed SCORM activities set to "display package" in the "new window (simple)" mode
  • TL-7931 Fixed the booked-by & actioned columns in Face-to-face session report sources
  • TL-7953 Stopped the surround legend style from being applied to child elements in Totara themes
  • TL-7965 Fixed consecutive usage of the Face-to-face attendees menu option
  • TL-7966 Replaced hardcoded "Advanced options" string with a translatable string in Report builder
  • TL-7971 Corrected the positioning of short form date pickers for rtl languages
  • TL-7980 Fixed the deletion of scheduled reports
  • TL-7997 Fixed the shortname field for Goal types
  • TL-8010 Removed unformatted html from output when exporting a user's Record of Learning to PDF
  • TL-8026 Fixed the display of Face-to-face session details within Calendar events
  • TL-8048 Fixed the sidebar filter for Report builder reports with paging
  • TL-8050 Prevent the deletion of unrelated scheduled report recipients when deleting a scheduled report
  • TL-8121 Corrected the display of certification due dates when exporting to pdf
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