Lectora online 3: Release notes

Lectora Online 3.0 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

The primary new feature of Lectora Online 3 is Responsive Course Design™ (RCD). With RCD you will be able to develop titles for your primary desktop audience as well as for display on all tablets and smartphones.

In addition to the RCD option, Lectora Online 3 contains other great features, including:

Automated Status Tracking:

  • Status Indicator objects
  • Use Status as an action condition
  • Set Completion Status action

New Menu Creator

  • One-click Table-of-Contents based menu
  • Live menu preview

Enhanced Progress Bar Functionality

  • Easily link a Custom progress bar to a variable
  • Step a progress bar forward or backwards

Publish to ReviewLink™

Issues Fixed:



In Run Mode if the URL from a hyperlink is invalid a new instance of LO is being launched.



If you add a YouTube video after adding a non-YouTube video the filename of the video displays in the Video entry field for the YouTube video.



When copying a question from another title the choices for the Label For field values are missing


Drag and Drop questions are not working on mobile devices.


For Drag and Drop questions in IE10 and IE11, when a drag item is released it improperly highlights other objects on the page


No resolved issues


No resolved issues



After using Paste OSC to create a new text block if you double click inside of the text block all of the text is removed.



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