Lectora: Upgrade 16.1 (April 2016)

Lectora Inspire 16.1 and Lectora Publisher 16.1 include the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

The new features in Lectora 16.1 are:

  • Test result pages are customizable and may be used in Responsive titles
  • Audio and video use HTML5-based players and allow layering of objects on top
  • Improved bullet and numbered list handling
  • Improved Likert question creation and editing
  • Use multi-select to apply Text Scaling in RCD titles
  • 50 Additional status indicator objects

To accommodate these features the title file format has changed from 16.0/16.0.1/16.0.2. Titles opened with this 16.1 release will no longer be compatible with these previous versions. If you are sharing titles with colleagues/clients, please be aware that you must all be using 16.1 to maintain compatibility.

Feature Notes:

  • Bullets / Numbered List Changes: Newly created text blocks will have improved bullets and numbered list logic applied. Existing texts blocks will not be affected. To apply new improvements, turn off bullets/numbering for the text block and then re-apply.
  • HTML5 A/V Player: Existing Flash-based custom skins will no longer work with new HTML5 player. Convert or recreate them as HTML5 skins. (See Information Center.)
  • Closed captions will work, however any special text styling within the XML file will not function. This will be resolved shortly with support of newer caption formats.
  • Closed captions will not work on iPhones.
  • Likert Questions: Existing Likert questions will be converted to new Likert (single) question objects. Existing Likert questions saved within library objects or imported from package files cannot be converted. They will not lose functionality.
  • Test Results: Display results in Pop-up window is no longer valid. Results will be an in-line page within the title. Please check your inheritance and navigation to/from the results page (especially inherited "Back" buttons).
  • Titles with Customized Test Results enabled will have those results pages converted to the new Results object. Checkbox settings will be retained. Custom styling of text (fonts, colors, sizes) will not be retained. Use the Results Designer to apply text styling.

Issues fixed in this release:


  • LD-683Print current page prints 3 pages in IE
  • LD-2251 Questions do not move/resize at phone/portrait view
  • LD-2352 Resource Manager shows that objects are being used by 5 objects, one for every view.
  • LD-2398 RCD Phone view background image that inherits from a tablet override does not tile appropriately
  • LD-2465 (LD-2676) Shifting Images and buttons; Positions different in Run/Preview and Browsers
  • LD-2477 After adding an image, for example, then switching to a lower view and then clicking on Reset to Original Size and then clicking on Undo you will be taken back and forth between the views indefinitely.
  • LD-2487 Certain reserved variables not working when used inline in a text block
  • LD-2492 Importing a LO package file with Status Indicators - In progress and Not started are flipped
  • LD-2495 "Wrap text" option not saved with Layouts
  • LD-2506 Objects completely off page in RCD parent view should be completely off page in child view.
  • LD-2515 RCD: Resource & Variable Managers buttons on ribbon stay disabled when closed while viewing non-desktop
  • LD-2519 Reset Overrides not working for drop-down Table of Contents
  • LD-2525 Opening v12 title in v16 causes 'The parameter is incorrect' error
  • LD-2544 Some Themes have buttons that display off the page in phone portrait
  • LD-2560 Title transitions causes page to not fully load for portrait views
  • LD-2571 Improved eLearning Brothers user account setup
  • LD-2582 Preview of eLearning Brothers templates for RCD show as blank
  • LD-2688 Background sounds not playing in preview in browser
  • LD-2739 IOS Safari when published with Include Title Manager Frame, device rotation messes up scaling
  • LD-2866 Status Image Resource Edit Buttons Open Incorrect File



  • LD-0312 In non-Edit modes some shapes are slightly cut off at the bottom
  • LD-0722 When using Verdana and the "Wrap Text" setting, text blocks containing bullets have alignment and bullet size issues
  • LD-0830 Text with bullets that are not initially visible will not display bullets in IE8
  • LD-1742 Shapes show in run mode much smaller, and parts are cut off
  • LD-2207 Frameless TOCs not expanding in Run Mode
  • LD-2308 Menu images not present when published
  • LD-2435 Issues with converting videos to mp4
  • LD-2484 Crash when using List Box with Allow Multiple Selections
  • LD-2485 Reflection Not Displaying Connected to Bottom of Status Indicator & Shape Objects When Viewed In RCD Phone Portrait & Landscape Views
  • LD-2494 Text block with wrap text set and around an image doesn't resize properly in lower views
  • LD-2496 When exported to a package file, inline variable in a text block is replaced with Javascript
  • LD-2498 Page growth calculation not correct with Wrapped text in RCD views
  • LD-2517 Library objects that include a status indicator loses the in-progress and not started images
  • LD-2550 Editing List-box with multiple initial values selected can cause crash.
  • LD-2551 YouTube videos not sized correctly
  • LD-2559 Callout shapes don't have the reflection in proper place when flip or rotated
  • LD-2586 Audio File/Player Missing ALT Tag
  • LD-2602 Text not displaying in shapes with image fills in Run Mode and Publish
  • LD-2603 Texture and image fills for shapes are broken in Run Mode and Publish
  • LD-2604 Shapes changed from texture or image fill to solid color fill still display texture fill in Run Mode and publish
  • LD-2612 Initially hidden text blocks causes JavaScript errors in IE8
  • LD-2618 Highlighted text does not display as highlighted on RCD course
  • LD-2620 Audio Controllers set to be Initially Hidden in an RCD title display when the page loads
  • LD-2621 (LD-2622) IOS Safari - Web Windows missing scroll bar or do not scroll
  • LD-2625 Videos that are initially hidden and using auto play properties don't work when used together
  • LD-2628 Frameless TOC background color does not expand with TOC.
  • LD-2634 Video with no controller - once stopped it can't be started on iPhone
  • LD-2645 Audio controller does not fully display on iPhone
  • LD-2658 Transparent Buttons do not transition in
  • LD-2680 Crash when publishing a text block as an image with (pVAx) inside the block
  • LD-2685 Adjustment handles not working for block arrows
  • LD-2686 Margins added to text will not use margin on the right side
  • LD-2687 Margins and font % used together causes text to exceed text block
  • LD-2691 Shapes with image fill no longer work when previewed/published
  • LD-2693 Margin not showing correctly on Mobile devices
  • LD-2696 Several YouTube property issues
  • LD-2747 Buttons not working, in IE11, when with they are in a nested group
  • LD-2757 Initially Hidden Bullet List in WCAG title, bullets do not show in IE8
  • LD-2775 Crash when setting a web window height/width to 0
  • LD-2882YouTube video player displays at default size; does not honor set size
  • LD-2927 When numbered list gets to 10, a larger indent is added between the number and text
  • LD-2958 Shapes and buttons with no actions, no ALT tags highlight as clickable objects




  • LD-954 Send Email Action terminates Run View and Preview
  • LD-2237 Step Progress bar backwards will go below the progress bar minimum
  • LD-2238 Progress bar steps incorrectly if progress is set to a variable
  • LD-2574 Trigger name for Device Rotate is not found in non-English language builds
  • LD-2661 IOS Safari - Change Contents of text blocks, affect question’s text font size
  • LD-2718 OnDone/OnShow actions attached to videos do not work in Chrome.
  • LD-3056 OnDonePlaying actions work on iOS devices but not on Android devices




  • LD-2470 Form objects don't display background color in RCD titles
  • LD-2670 Custom Radio Buttons cannot be selected when question text has an apostrophe
  • LD-2803 RCD - WCAG, matching question using images not working in IE10



  • LD-2483 iOS rendering of page size is not correct when zooming. Safari and Chrome
  • LD-2502 EMF files (e.g. charts) are distorted on publish
  • LD-2523 Do not publish button state image when opacity set to 0
  • LD-2542 Button Objects shift location to be one pixel below where they are in edit mode.
  • LD-2556 RCD: Browser will download resources on rcd views that don't use it.
  • LD-2564 RCD: publish content on scorm cloud wrong size (zoomed out)
  • LD-2729 Transparent buttons in WCAG title are publishing out an absolute path to image.
  • LD-2741 iPhone portrait view displays longer pages at bottom of screen
  • LD-2774 HTML Content “Zoomed-In” when Published to ReviewLink
  • LD-2856 Safari is jumping to bottom of long pages
  • LD-2857 HTML Content Pushed Right in Safari
  • LD-2917 Publishing to ReviewLink getting error "This file is too large to publish to Reviewlink.”
  • LD-3134 NON-RCD title in scormcloud and on IOS scrolled down. (LD-2659 fixed for RCD titles)



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