Totara LMS 2.9.8 (14 juni 2016)


  • TL-9190 Fixed Face-to-face session deletion custom field data loss


  • TL-8708 Face-to-face session and event durations can now be aggregated and graphed
  • TL-8719 Improved the help text for the "Add new courses" Totara Connect client setting
  • TL-9050 Improved the help on Column and Row settings for textarea custom fields
  • TL-9106 The user's name is now maintained when forcing use of the no-reply address

Bug fixes:

  • TL-8152 Fixed the deletion of user accounts with empty email addresses
  • TL-8410 Fixed date validation when uploading Course and Certification completion data
  • TL-8650 Fixed result counting discrepancies within Appraisal reports
  • TL-8688 Corrected Face-to-face attendees dialog URL handling to prevent accidental removal of all attendees
  • TL-8790 Fixed the display of the user's full name for the roles column within the Face-to-face sessions report
  • TL-8874 Face-to-face booking confirmation notification no longer ignores the "Manager copy" setting
  • TL-8924 Fixed a display issue with empty due dates on the Program assignments tab
  • TL-8928 Fixed Face-to-face notification substitutions in translated languages
  • TL-9074 Fixed searching within the audience filter when the context id is not set
  • TL-9079 Fixed a bug with header alignment when scrolling within the grader report
  • TL-9102 The "Hide cost and discount" Face-to-face setting now correctly hides the discount code
  • TL-9103 Fixed Face-to-face session location custom field filters
  • TL-9248 Brackets are now correctly escaped during "LIKE" searches when using MSSQL
  • TL-9273 Fixed MSSQL database structure consistency for sites upgraded from old Moodle installations
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