Totara: LMS 2.9.9 (26 juli 2016)


TL-9703 This release contains fixes made in Moodle 2.9.9
Moodle 2.9.9 received two fixes as noted below:
1. MDL-53431 tool_monitor: Access control for tool monitor subscriptions
Imported as TL-9551
2. MDL-55069 core: escape special characters in email headers
Imported as TL-9515
3. MDL-53019 environment: 3.2 requirements added
Imported as TL-9556
4. MDL-54564 behat: Wait after hover, to ensure page is ready
Imported as TL-9631
5. MDL-54620 ratings: display '0' when aggregate = 0
Imported as TL-9633

Security issues:

  • TL-9340 Fixed access control when deleting calendar subscriptions
  • TL-9400 Fixed access control when deleting personal goals
  • TL-9515 Fixed sanitisation of user's firstname and lastname when sending emails
  • TL-9668 Improved the security of all repository plugins


  • TL-8996 Added support for syncing a user's image during SSO login
  • TL-9221 Added the ability to resolve dismissed program exceptions to the completion editor
  • TL-9265 Added a new filter for Audience Visibility to Course reports
  • TL-9276 Improved the description of Global Report Restrictions when only one restriction exists
  • TL-9314 Improved the information shown when viewing a Certification
  • TL-9344 Improved the time allowance strings used for Programs to ease translation
  • TL-9378 Ensured that goal management capabilities are consistently applied
  • TL-9383 Improved the performance of sidebar searches within Report Builder
  • TL-9433 Developers may now disable editor autosave in forms where it is not desirable
  • TL-9456 Plugins can now define Report Builder filters within the plugin space
  • TL-9483 Fixed Behat file uploads to work in all browsers and in remote selenium instances
  • TL-9484 Added a workaround for missing alert confirmation support in PhantomJS
  • TL-9502 The Course and Activity completion reports now use the standard paging control
  • TL-9556 Environment definition updated to reflect Moodle 3.2 requirements
  • TL-9670 Course visibility filters show as not applicable depending on the sites audience visibility setting

Bug fixes:

  • TL-7907 Fixed manager approval for Face-to-face direct enrolment when automatic signup is enabled
  • TL-8179 Program and Certification reports now order courseset data correctly
  • TL-8555 Recurring courses now respect the tempdir setting
  • TL-8601 Fixed backup and restore of multi-select and file type Course custom fields
  • TL-8985 Suspending a user no longer cancels past Face-to-face signups
  • TL-9056 Fixed program enrolment messages not being sent
  • TL-9086 HR Import now validates incoming user custom field values consistently
  • TL-9115 Improved the display of averaged columns in Report Builder
  • TL-9118 HR Import now converts mixed case usernames to lower case
  • TL-8502 improved validation of usernames being imported through HR Import.
  • TL-9135 Fixed the use of files within textarea type custom fields
  • TL-9159 Multi-select custom field data params are now correctly deleted when the field is deleted
  • TL-9162 Removing a user from an allocated Face-to-face session now returns capacity
  • TL-9187 Fixed searching of the Program exceptions list by firstname and lastname
  • TL-9210 Fixed a missing iCal attachment in the Face-to-face session allocation notification email
  • TL-9235 Fixed the display of aggregated yes_or_no Report Builder columns
  • TL-9241 Ensured the ability to choose an appraiser is not available when appraisals have been disabled
  • TL-9261 Fixed the "Re-sort" button within the Certification management UI
  • TL-9341 Fixed the User's Position Framework ID filter within the User report source
  • TL-9362 Fixed the status display for certification in progress within the Record of Learning
  • TL-9387 Fixed the display of Face-to-face sessions in the Face-to-face block
  • TL-9388 Fixed the expansion of the Site Administration menu in IE8
  • TL-9392 Available courses on the front page are no longer duplicated when the user is not enrolled in any courses
  • TL-9397 Fixed an error encountered while exporting a Face-to-face cancellation report
  • TL-9434 Fixed a bug preventing roles from being assigned via audiences at the category level
  • TL-9438 Fixed average aggregation within Report Builder when using MSSQL
  • TL-9453 Prevented the adding of a Program to a Learning Plan from resetting Program status
  • TL-9473 Fixed the "Download all" button within the file manager in IE and Safari
  • TL-9485 Fixed data param handling in the core data object class
  • TL-9669 Fixed the possibility of a "maximum SQL input variables" bug within the Face-to-face upgrade
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