Totara: LMS 2.9.10 (23 augustus 2016)

Security issues:

  • TL-9448 Search terms when searching user messaging are now strictly escaped

Bug fixes:

  • TL-7902 Attempting to assign a manager that would lead to a circular dependency now results in a validation error
  • TL-9196 Course set completion state is now reset when editing Certification completion records
  • TL-9222 The Program and Certification completion editor now shows how a user is assigned
  • TL-9262 Fixed a bug with Face-to-face iCal attachments for sessions with multiple dates
  • TL-9343 Horizontal scrolling in the grader report keeps users name visible
  • TL-9394 Fixed inconsistent timezone handling in Face-to-face notifications when "User timezone" was selected
  • TL-9395 Fixed inconsistent timezone handling on the "My Bookings" page in Face-to-face
  • TL-9449 Improved the performance of the Course and Certification completion import report sources
  • TL-9777 Fixed Face-to-face unit tests to use site specific module ids for testing
  • TL-9820 Improved the reliability of behat testing when executing multiple scenarios
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