Totara: 2.9.11. (22 september 2016)


TL-8675 Improvements to certification completion import
TL-9717 Prevent circular management structures being created using HR Import
TL-10487 Inclusion of Moodle 2.9.8
Security issues:

TL-10044 Removed unnecessary sesskey param when managing hierarchies
TL-10355 Fixed information disclosure within Feedback 360 responses
TL-10435 Capability checks when changing hierarchy item types are now explicit
TL-10463 Applied stricter type validation when managing custom fields
TL-10489 Forgotten password workflow no longer exposes the token via headers


TL-9426 Program assignments with due date based on first login will be assigned immediately
TL-9491 Enhanced SCORM report source to use additional tracking fields
TL-10161 Added accessibility text to action menus
TL-10358 Deleted unused test course backup file
TL-10469 Stopped duplicate log entries being created when creating an objective within a plan

Bug fixes:

TL-8803 Fixed rules for first/last log in dates in dynamic audiences
TL-9275 Fixed the variable translations for course reminder templates
TL-9405 Fixed the visibility of user profile custom fields in user reports
TL-9431 Fixed the formatting of Report Builder titles when exporting to Excel
TL-9480 Always reset activity grades when course completion is archived
TL-9490 Fixed the pagination of content when viewing a category
TL-9512 Fixed incorrect uniqueness checks on empty user custom profile fields
TL-9701 Report builder graph legend now sizes dynamically to better accommodate its content
TL-9734 Corrected the "is equal to" proficiency filter in Competency Status report
TL-9776 Corrected the string used by the "status" filter in Program Membership reports
TL-9793 Fixed dimming of course names in course overview block when audience visibility is on
TL-9801 Fixed incorrect API call when upgrading dashboards
TL-9806 Fixed undefined event property when assigning goals to a hierarchy item
TL-9889 Fixed undefined property allowduplicatedemails warning on HR import user CSV page
TL-10033 Fixed program course sets set to "Some courses" and "0"
TL-10088 Fixed pagination within the Totara Report block
TL-10116 Fixed Face-to-face notification templates when manager copy prefix was missing
TL-10181 Site managers within category context can now see users emails in program assignment dialogs
TL-10229 Fixed upgrade of assignment submissions which had been graded twice
TL-10235 Face-to-face events are now correctly shown on the site calendar when configured to do so
TL-10251 Fixed HTML validation when viewing a single badge
TL-10275 Removed empty link from Record of Learning previous course completion column
TL-10313 Fixed Report builder graph placement issues in PDF exports
TL-10341 Removed program status column for non-assigned users
TL-10400 Audience start and end dates are now shown correctly on the overview tab
TL-10425 Searching without providing a term no longer leads to an error in Report Builder
TL-10446 Removed invalid future 3.2 version from server environment tests

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